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Get to Know Me

Hello! My name is Joyce Rudisel – or Ms. Joyce, as I am known at CVR. 

I am a professional choreographer as well as a dance teacher and have been teaching for 18 years at all levels from Daycare to Cegep. My artistic discipline teaches passion, respect and fun through dance. 

I studied in New York City, Kingston and Montreal and I am a certified choreographer. I have also worked as  a Zumba and Bokwa instructor and as a physical fitness trainer. I have been exploring movements and feelings to music ever since  I was a little girl. This is how I know, to deeply feel and express myself. I love to move!. 

I am the president and owner of a dance show called Star Jam Productions which is currently on hiatus after a 9-year run and JoyciDance dance school for 18 years.   

My true love is translating words into “moves” daily! 

I look forward to working with you! 

What I do

 Teach Students to express themselves through movement and music, to have confidents in themselves, to make their own choices, to respect others and especially themselves but most important of all, to smile and have fun.

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